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Building Value
Operational Expertise 

Adelphi Capital Partners is a private investment group focused on teaming with experienced operating executives to invest in lower middle market, industrial technology-driven manufacturing and services companies undergoing ownership/management transitions and/or present organic growth opportunities.


Adelphi has made

6 investments across

a variety of sectors


Five Operating Partners with experience ranging

from building products to

advanced technology


Over 180 years of

combined investing

and operational experience

Adelphi A_edited_edited.jpg

The Adelphi

Adelphi was founded on the idea that investments are stronger, safer and more profitable with the knowledge and guidance of industry executives who have spent careers developing expertise in a specific industry sector. Adelphi works with executives during each step of the investment process from developing an investment thesis, to the due diligence/vetting process, to transaction closing and ultimately to helping build value post-transaction.


Adelphi focuses on investing in manufacturing

and industrial service businesses in the U.S. and Canada

in the lower middle market

Geographic Focus

United States

& Canada

Industry Focus

Industrial services

and manufacturing


$10 - 100 M


$3 - 15 M

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About Adelphi 

If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss

or would like to learn more about Adelphi,

please reach out to one of our team members.


         Garret Bullard, Associate

          (610) 256-7763

Portfolio Companies

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